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5 Key Features Of Aseptic Storage Tank

Jul. 11, 2019

 5 Key Feature of Aseptic Storage Tank

Aseptic(commercially, not medical) storage tank perfect for juice, soft drinks, liquid Dairy products, alcohol(ABV<=50%VOL)

1.    Pressure:  the noncontact surface of tank can bear 0.1Mpa

2.    Surface treatment: contact surface roughness<= 0.8μm

                                  No contact surface roughness<= 3.2μm

     Cold rolled stainless steel material maintain primary color and roughness

     Hot rolled stainless steel material, after brushed, the internal surface roughness<=0.8μm

3.    Material should be 304, 304L, 316, 316L and 321

4.    Temperature: insulation material without loose, water repellent, Non-toxic, After 24 hours of insulation, the temperature of products in the tank rises        or falls less than 2°c

5.    Parts must be able to withstand high temperature steam and high pressure repeated washing

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