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Cooling jacket for high alcoholic liquor storage tanks

Jul. 22, 2019

This design is specially used to solve temp.cooling down on the top of big alcohol liquid storage tanks whose capacity is above hundreds of cubic meter(CBM) particularly for thousands of CBM,big tanks are usually placed outside of the door,in summer temp. is very hot, alcohol is easy to volatilize(money lost for alcohol manufacturer), and high temp. brings danger to heavy alcohol gravity, our design can solve these two problems perfectly,we use laser machine to make this jacket at low cost, it's used for several years in Prettech for many alcohol manufacturers.

It can replace the spray water to cool the tank, avoid the change of surface color caused by the long-term spraying of the tank, keep the surface of the tank staying shinny, and effectively avoid the corrosion of the tank caused by the poor quality of spray water. Cooling water can be reused after flowing through the outlet pipe to save water resources.

                                                                                                 Cooling jacket for high alcoholic liquor storage tanks

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