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How to sell more beer with different marketing way

Jul. 29, 2019

Who says beer can only be used for drinking? Beer can also be used for cooking, of course!

Why would it be used as a condiment

Beer is rich in vitamins. During the Cooking beer can not only play the role of enzymes, so that the decomposition of protein, increase the degree of meat tenderness.


If you do a meat dish, beer is good to remove the fishy, because there is a lot of CO2 in beer, can be soft connective tissue, such as meat, more flavor. While still keeping it tender. The first has the alcohol function, the second because many carbon dioxide, the boiling point is low, therefore the heat is low, the meat is tender.


Use Beer instead of cooking wine to marinate the beef before frying, the beef will become more tender and smooth to eat. In the process of cooking chicken with beer instead of water, made of chicken unique flavor.


When cooking rice, add a small amount of beer, so steamed rice, can have more flavor, but do not add too much, otherwise, the bitter taste of beer will be revealed.


 How to sell more beer with different marketing way

 How to sell more beer with different marketing way

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