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Intelligent Wine Fermentation Control System

Jun. 13, 2019

The system is based on PLC, adopts decentralized control, disperses touch screen operation in each functional area, centrally displays and sets the total control room, and takes care of the new generation of wine production automatic management and control system for production management, effectively realizing the temperature of all tanks in the wine fermentation process. , liquid level, circulation pump, automatic monitoring of refrigeration unit, automatic control, and production management command and dispatch.


The whole system meets the national food industry regulations

The use of reliable, advanced Profibus Fieldbus technology fully demonstrates the economy and practicality.

Real-time dynamic process display, user-oriented operator interface, powerful functions, and simple operation modes, and provide a variety of reliable protection functions

Provide users with overall management functions and data reports, providing flexible and effective alarm functions and alarm methods.

Reserve a complete interface for further system expansion

Technical Parameters:

All tank temperature and level transmitters have an in-place digital display function that utilizes a 4-20 mA signal remote transmission

Temperature range: -20 ~ +80 °c

Temperature measurement accuracy: ±1 °c

Temperature control accuracy: ±1 °c

Temperature resolution: 0.1 °c

Wine tank level monitoring range: adjusted according to specific conditions

Wine tank level detection accuracy: 1%

Circulating pump: Timed automatic work

                                                                                                                  Intelligent Wine Fermentation Control System

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