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Do You Know the Correct Cleaning Method For Beer Equipment Manufacturers?

Apr. 09, 2020

Beer equipment is very common in daily life. It is announced that because of this beer equipment, everyone can brew so many great wines. Because it often needs to be in contact with the materials, brewing beer equipment will always unconsciously precipitate and accumulate a lot of scales. This has a great influence on the quality of the beer produced. In order to change and maintain the quality of the beer, in the production, we must not only learn the correct beer production but also learn the correct beer production equipment cleaning method. The cleaning of beer equipment is also related to the quality of the brewed wine. Therefore, the cleaning of beer equipment manufacturers cannot be ignored. The Beer Unitank Supplier share the cleaning methods of beer equipment manufacturers:

An automatic tank washer can be used to clean the tanks in beer production equipment. There are two types of tank washer: mechanical type and spray ball type. If the beer production equipment is dirty or the diameter of the tank body is relatively large, it is suitable to use a mechanical tank washer in this case, because its outlet pressure can increase, which can increase the cleaning intensity and increase the cleaning radius. Compared with the spray ball type tank washer, the mechanical tank washer has a lower cleaning fluid flow rate when it is used.

ForkLift wine tanks

ForkLift wine tanks

Cleaning of the heat exchanger: The cleaning of the heat exchanger and the pipeline is the same under normal circumstances. Under all normal working conditions, the material of the heat exchanger is in the state of plain flow. If the cleaning solution is higher than the design plan total flow of 20% -30% to carry out cleaning, you can get excellent cleaning efficiency.

Beer Fermenter cleaning equipment: the cleaning of beer equipment parts and equipment. There is no fixed way for the cleaning of beer equipment manufacturers. The cleaning can be carried out according to the general process of machine equipment cleaning. The most important thing for pipeline scrubbing is to make full use of mechanical equipment to improve scrubbing efficiency. When cleaning with cold cleaning fluid, in order to achieve excellent scrubbing efficiency, the tube flow is different, and the water flow of the scrubbing fluid in the tube is different. When cleaning with hot cleaning fluid, the water flow of the scrubbing fluid in the tube is maintained at 1-1.5m / s. Attention must be paid to the cleaning of carbon dioxide and compressed air lines and notes.

The Biological Fermentation Tank for beer cleaning can be carried out through active tank washing. There are two types of tank washing: spray ball type and foot pedal type. When the manufacturer of clean beer equipment is dirty and the diameter of the tank is large, A foot-operated tank washer is generally adopted, which increases the working pressure of the entrance and exit of the tank washer to increase the compressive strength of the half-menstruation and cleaning. Compared with the spray-type tank washer, the foot-type tank washer can use a lower total flow of cleaning fluid.

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