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Who Else Wants Distilled Liquors Automatic blending System?

Jun. 06, 2019

1. Product application

(1) According to the expression polynomial, the instantaneous volume flow of liquor can be directly converted into the standard flow, which is the most convenient, fast and convenient

Accurate measurement of liquor blending

(2) Since the installation of the intelligent control system for liquor blending on a large scale, the production efficiency has increased more than 5 times, and the success rate of liquor blending has reached 100% .

(3) Liquor blending intelligent control system is not only accurate, stable and reliable, but also less investment, economical and practical.

The intelligent control system of large-scale blending eliminates the deviation of sample blending, ensures the stability of blending batches, and makes it possible to accumulate the data of trace components in finished liquors and analyze the corresponding relationship between them and liquors style.

At the same time, it puts forward higher request to the information management of base liquor.

With the use of powerful computer storage and data processing capacity to establish a liquors management information platform based on the basic conditions.

2. Technical Features

The automatic blending system mainly completes the automatic blending and measuring of liquor, and installs a set of precision flow meter on each kind of basic liquor supply pipe, and uses the safe and stable automatic control valve to carry on the precise blending of each White Wine Tank. Under the operation of the computer, according to the formula and process flow, the blending production process is automatically completed. The automatic control system of blending needs to test the liquid level of basic liquors tank, flavoring tank and blending tank, the valve opens and closes automatically, the flow meter data is extracted in real time, and the pump starts and stops automatically. The implementation of the project can reduce the production cost of enterprises and improve economic and social benefits.

Technical Features:

(1) The annual production capacity of the blending workshop is generally greater than 100,000 tons per year.

(2) To meet the requirements of the Food Industry and Party a;

(3) Pay attention to the fire and explosion protection regulations and strictly follow the relevant requirements;

(4) Stable and reliable Profibus or Profinet fieldbus technology is used in the control level

(5) The use of fast and efficient Industrial Ethernet (or DP bus) technology for shop-level operations;

(6) The successful rate of automatic blending is over 98% ;

(7) The pipeline fluid dynamic display, the humanized operation interface;

(8) The function is comprehensive, displays each kind of signal history curve, the operation record, has the very strong traceability;

(9) Effectively reduce labor cost, reduce consumption and improve efficiency.

3. Product Features

(1) To realize the automatic classification and storage of the newly-produced alcoholic liquor

Because the grain and liquors workshop produced a lot of liquors per day, manual classification efficiency is very low. With this system, the liquors warehouse manager can obtain the automatic grading and storage table of the original liquors, and realize the modern inventory management of the original liquors, and provide the data of the original liquors for the semi-finished product workshop.

(2) To realize computer aided blending of flavoring instead of manual blending

Through the system formulation design, the semi-finished product workshop determines the optimal formulation of the product, so that the physical and chemical indexes and taste indexes in liquors reach harmony and stability. The stability and accuracy are greatly improved, the quality fluctuation is reduced, and the work efficiency is improved.

(3) To achieve effective control of product cost

Under the premise of controlling the physical and chemical index, taste index and style of liquors, through the most reasonable collocation, the system has effectively reduced the product cost and played an obvious role in increasing benefit.

(4) To realize computer aided design of new products

The system can creatively design new products according to people's nutritional needs or market demands, and flexibly select all kinds of original degree liquorss according to the quality requirements of inventory and new product development According to the required sensory, physical and chemical indicators and expected cost objectives to produce the best formulation of new products.

(5) Integration of production and scientific research

The data acquisition system of the chemical workstation and the man-machine dialogue evaluation system are used to combine the expert system and the neural network learning system to achieve the modern level of data sharing and scientific research and production synchronization.

(6) Standardize and tend to quantify sensory evaluation

In this system, the sensory evaluation system is designed, which unifies and standardizes the taste evaluation of the basic liquors, grades the basic liquors and the finished liquors, calculates the sensory score, compares the taste, and makes the sensory evaluation standardized and tends to be quantified It has achieved a new breakthrough in sensory quantification and has taken the lead in the national liquors industry. At the same time, the control of the internal quality of products has been gradually shifted from the past artificial to machine learning, thus ensuring the quality and style of products from a deeper level.

(7) The data of each batch of a product provided by the expert system is used to draw the product quality curve automatically

By using the expert system, we can accumulate the valuable expert experience knowledge, establish the standard sample database, and produce the quality curve chart of the product, so we can clearly verify whether the various indexes of a product are within the Standard Range For Future Product Sustainability Design under the good blueprint, for the product to lay a good foundation for the fight against counterfeiting.

(8) The use of computer industry tools can replace the need for distillery production of all kinds of book data tables and miscellaneous manual calculations

Using the form of man-machine dialogue, a large database with ingenious memory and complicated mathematical calculation formula, it is easy to check the density, fold the degree of alcohol to 20 degrees, mix liquors according to% , mix liquors according to quantity, calculate the conversion rate, calculate the amount of adding starch and so on.

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