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The Key Points Involved In Opening A Brewpub

Sep. 25, 2019

Here is a professional Energy Efficient Tank Factory talk about some important questions about our comapany. Hope you guys can learn someting from this article.

1. Why do you like beer brewing?

A. If you like to brew your favorite beer and share your work with others, the best way is to start your own beer bar or brewery. If you are not passionate about brewing and lack passion and a persistent heart, then consider doing other things.

B. Brewing is economical, but you can't make very big money on it.

2. Form your own brewing and marketing concept

A. Creating a new brewpub is like taking care of a child and needs careful care and guidance to ensure that it grows healthily. After redoubled efforts and effort, it will eventually become the backing of your life.

B. Beer brewing is easier than marketing, and ultimately selling beer is the last word.

3. Store name and LOGO

A. Go to a name that is loud and easy to remember, preferably a consumer's interesting and memorable name.

B. A symbolic LOGO.

4. The beer culture in the store reflects

A. reflects beer culture: you need to design a specific style such as German beer garden and Belgian style.

B. The material of the store decoration: lighting, floor, wall, carpet, etc. should be consistent with the style of the store.

5. Identify your sales proposition

A. Identify your customer base?

B. What is the difference between your beer bar and other beer bars?

C. Understand the situation of competitors and identify their own market goals.

6. Where are you going to open the brewpub?

A. The location of the beer bar is very important. It is necessary to consider whether your customers are convenient to drink. Downtown is not necessarily the best choice.

B. Clearly know where your customers live and work.

C. Understand the traffic conditions around the beer bar, is it convenient to travel? Is there a place to park? Is the storefront easy to find?

D. The design of the brewpub must be exquisite and original.

7. Do a good job in budgeting

Operational evaluation

A. construction cost.

B. design cost.

C. operating costs.

D. Overall investment cost.

E. The cost cannot be estimated outside the budget. The key to the project fund’s full assessment of the smooth start and operation schedule.

F. Project management

G. The processing of the making equipment takes at least 60 days, and the installation and commissioning of the equipment takes 10 days. It takes 15 days from the start of the feeding to the brewing of the brewed beer. If the equipment is purchased overseas, the transportation time needs to be calculated.

H. Simultaneous projects during construction, such as training employees, preparing for marketing, preparing materials and purchasing other consumables. Time is money, and the connection of each link is very important.

8. Bar and beer sales configuration

A. How to choose beer sales equipment? The choice of keg, cask and spears is important.

B. What kind of glass will you need?

C. What kind of food will you provide? barbecue?

D. Choose your refrigerator and cold storage accurately and ensure that you meet the beer sales requirements.

E. Dishwasher and plenty of storage space.

F. A large number of cleaning products.

G. Beer coaster, non-slip, advertising, cleaning function.

H. menu, snacks, salty food will increase people's desire to drink.

I. Pub + restaurant operating cost high and requires a lot of ingredients and staff.

Energy Efficient Tank Factory

Energy Efficient Tank Factory

9. Staff at the brewpub

A. business hours, 2 shifts? 3 shift?

B. The brewer is one of the most important employees, and it is best to let him have a share in order to inspire him to use the best brewing skills.

10. What facilities do customers use?

A. clean and tidy bathroom.

B. Highly suitable table and chairs.

C. Ashtray.

D. Umbrella.

11. Personnel equipment management

A. lock, key, computer.


C. CCTV system.

D. Diversified payment solution.

12. Implementation plan

A. Carried out in stages according to the plan.

B. Be prepared to adjust at any time.

C. Listen to the client's advice and hold various events from time to time.

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