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Factors Affecting Agitation

Oct. 22, 2019

The function of the agitator is to provide the energy required for the agitation process and the proper flow conditions for the purpose of agitation. The shape, size, number and speed of the blades directly affect the function of the agitator. The characteristics of the agitated material as well as the shape, size and baffle setting of the agitating tank will have different effects on the agitation effect. In addition, the material of the mixing tanks, such as Stainless Steel Agitation Tanks, has a certain influence on its function.

The agitated material undergoes a certain physical and chemical reaction process in a flowing state. Different mixing processes, different properties, and the amount of material required to complete the process are different.The size of the Mixing Tanks used at the same time also has a certain influence on the mixing process of the stirred material.

Mixing Tanks

Mixing Tanks

There are many factors that affect the power of the agitator: blade diameter, blade width, blade angle, blade speed, number of blades, distance of the blade from the bottom of the tank, inner diameter of the tank, depth of the liquid, width of the baffle , the number of baffles, the density of the liquid, the viscosity of the liquid, the acceleration of gravity.

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