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How Important is Water Source for Liquor Production?

Jan. 22, 2020

Water is one of the main components of wine. The quality of water directly affects the quality of wine. The so-called "water is the blood of wine" is exactly the reason. In the liquor production process, in addition to cooling water and boiler water, the water requirements for brewing water and reducing water are the highest, and they are also in close contact with the wine that finally enters the mouth of consumers. The Open Top Fermenter Supplier and everyone will introduce it in detail below.

Various ingredients contained in the brewing water are closely related to the growth of beneficial microorganisms, the formation and function of enzymes. Poor water quality can cause sluggish fermentation, sluggish growth of Aspergillus, slow rise of koji temperature, and poor growth of yeast, etc., and affect the formation of aroma substances. Precipitation and other phenomena.

The water used in the process of high-grade liquor reduction is called water-reduction. This process becomes "paste" in the winemaking process, which is also a necessary process for the production of low-grade liquor. Therefore, the physical characteristics of water for degrading must be colorless and transparent, not containing too much organic matter or iron ions; it should be refreshing when tasted, and it should not be used if it has salty, bitter taste; Taste, hydrogen sulfide, etc. cannot be used. In addition, the pH, hardness, chlorine content, and nitrate content of water all have very important effects on winemaking.

Brewery Equipment

Brewery Equipment

In addition to the abundant water source, which provides the necessary material basis for winemaking, the huge water system also creates a unique natural environment. The resulting "microclimate" also plays a very important role in winemaking.

All the water that these wines make is not taken directly from the waters in which they are located. Under physical factors such as light, air pressure, gravity, and artificial intervention, water in nature is always in a "moving" state through rainfall, rivers, infiltration, etc., and various organic and inorganic substances in the air, soil, and carbon layer are dissolved Or mixed into water to form raw water containing various impurities. These impurities are mainly suspended matter, colloids and dissolved matter, and need to be purified before use. For example, tap water in life has undergone precipitation, disinfection, filtration and other processes. The processing of the process is finally delivered to the homes of various users through the water distribution pump station.

All in all, abundant water, excellent water quality, and an environment suitable for microbial growth created by huge water systems are essential basic conditions for winemaking. It is only logical that those famous wines appear in these waters.

The above is the importance of the water source introduced by Brewery Equipment supplier to winemaking, and I hope to help everyone.

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