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Introduction Of The Mixer

Oct. 23, 2019

1 Paddle mixer

The blade agitator consists of a blade, a key, a collar, and a shaft, most of the mixers on the market are Stainless Steel Agitator. The pitch of the paddle stirrer is relatively low, generally, 20–80 r/min, and the peripheral speed is in the range of 1.5–3 m/s. The diameter of the paddle stirrer is 1/3–2/3 of the inner diameter of the tank, and the length of the blade should not be too long. Multiple blades can be used when the diameter of the can is relatively large.

The paddle agitator is suitable for liquid materials with high fluidity and low viscosity and is also suitable for fibrous and crystalline solutions. If the liquid material layer is deep, multiple layers of blades can be placed on the same shaft, allow the material to mix well in the Mixer.

2 Frame stirrer, anchor stirrer

A frame agitator is an improved version of a paddle agitator that connects a horizontal blade to a vertical blade into a rigid frame. The structure of the frame stirrer is relatively strong, and the amount of material that can be stirred is relatively large. When the shape of the bottom is similar to the shape of the bottom of the tank, it becomes an anchor stirrer.

Stainless Steel Agitator

Stainless Steel Agitator

The diameter of the frame stirrer is relatively large, generally 2/3 - 9/10 of the inner diameter of the tank. The line speed is 0.5–1.5 m/s and the speed range is 50 -70 r/min.

The gap between the frame stirrer and the inner wall of the tank is relatively small, which is favorable for the heat transfer process. When the agitator rotates rapidly, the liquid carried by the blade brings the stationary layer away from the inner wall of the tank. When the agitator rotates slowly, the agitator with the scraper can generate good heat transfer. This is a good example of this in Bio Reactors.

This type of agitator is suitable for most reaction processes and is good for transferring mass and heat.

3 Propeller mixer

When a propeller stirrer is used, generally two agitators are required. The first one is installed on the upper part of the tank to press the gas or liquid downward, and the second agitator is installed on the bottom of the tank to push the gas or liquid upward.

The diameter of the pusher is 1/4–1/3 of the inner diameter of the tank, and the speed range is 300–600 r/min.

The propeller stirrer can make the material which placed in the Reactor circulate inside the tank during mixing, the shearing effect is relatively small, and the effect of up and down turning is very good.

4 Turbine agitator

There are many types of turbine agitators, and the blades are also divided into two types: straight and curved.

The characteristic of the turbine agitator is that agitation efficiency is high when the energy consumption is not large. Mixing speed range 300–600 r/min.

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