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Which Brewing Equipment is Suitable for Making Wine Yourself?

May. 29, 2020

There are many types and specifications of brewing equipment. It is common to have small brewing equipment, large-scale wine equipment, beer equipment, home brewing equipment, etc. The wine equipment used for brewing different wines is different. When we make wine, which wine equipment is suitable for ourselves, in fact, this depends on which wine we want to make. When we determine the equipment to be used after wine selection, we know which equipment is suitable for ourselves. Let’s take a look with Beer Equipment Factory.

The quality of the wine making equipment is good or bad, which directly affects the quality of the wine. Different wines have different wine equipment. Starting with the raw materials, it is difficult to popularize. Food-grade stainless steel is a better raw material for brewing equipment, has strong corrosion resistance, long service life, easy transfer, saves fuel, and has a high rate of wine production. No harm to the body, and then choose the jars used for wine, preferably ceramic, generally 300 kg is more appropriate.

In normal use, the brewing equipment also requires maintenance. For the liquor brewing equipment, because it has been developed for thousands of years, and after several generations of development and reform, the raw materials of the brewing equipment have also been changed. For example, wood brewing equipment and brick-blend brewing equipment are traditional brewing equipment. During the operation process, factors such as steam leakage, large floor area, and low alcohol output rate have been eliminated by the mall.

Which raw material brewing equipment is better to use? Aluminum brewing equipment accounts for a large proportion in shopping malls, mainly because aluminum density is small, aluminum brewing equipment is generally light and easy to transfer. In addition, aluminum has good thermal conductivity, high thermal efficiency, saves fuel, and produces wine quickly and with high yield. The disadvantage is that aluminum welding leaves a more significant bead when welding, so aluminum wine equipment generally looks slightly rough, and because the gloss of aluminum is not high, the overall beauty of aluminum winemaking equipment is reduced.

Another important place in the brewing equipment shopping mall is stainless steel brewing equipment. Stainless steel brewing equipment has high gloss, is hard and wear-resistant, and has almost no bead after polishing, so it is popular among consumers. However, the defects of stainless steel brewing equipment are as follows: stainless steel has extremely poor thermal conductivity, which is significantly worse than aluminum, so the wine yield is low and fuel is consumed. Secondly, the cost of stainless steel is high. The price of general stainless steel brewing equipment is higher than the same type of aluminum brewing equipment. Therefore, this material is suitable for Micro Brewery Equipment.

Before choosing the brewing equipment, you must first determine what wine you want to make. Different wines will have different brewing equipment. Choose different types of brewing equipment according to your needs, determine the material of the equipment, 304 stainless steel brewing equipment is environmentally friendly, beautiful, chemically stable, does not produce harmful substances, and is easy to clean and convenient exquisite appearance.

The above is the information about beer brewing equipment introduced by Beer Brewery Equipment Manufacturer.

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