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The Reproduction And Growth Of Beer's Yeast Is Divided Into 6 Stages

Sep. 29, 2019

Here is a professional Red Wine Tank Manufacturer talking about the reproduction and growth of beer's yeast is divided into 6 stages.

1. Adjustment period

This stage is also called the initial stage and is the activation process for metabolism. The length of time at this stage fluctuates greatly, depending on factors such as organism type, culture algebra, and culture conditions. Once the cells begin to separate, this phase ends.

2. Acceleration period

This phase is followed by an adjustment period, and the cell separation speed is accelerated.

3. Logarithmic growth period

At this stage, the cells proliferate logarithmically, with the highest proliferation rate and constant. At this time, the time required to form a new generation is the shortest (the time when the number of cells doubles).

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4. Deceleration period

Due to various factors such as the reduction of substrate, the increase of metabolites that inhibit growth, etc., there is a certain time limit in the logarithmic growth phase, and then enter the deceleration period in which the proliferation rate is gradually reduced.

5. Stabilization period

The number of microorganisms at this stage remains constant. The number of new cells formed is equal to the number of dead cells.

6. Death period

At this stage, the number of dead cells is greater than the number of newly formed cells.

The length and intensity of each stage are affected by the substrate, temperature, and physiological state of the yeast.

Water is a major component of living organisms and plays an important role in the life of microorganisms. Microorganisms can only grow when the water in the substrate reaches at least 15%.

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