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Suitable Sterilization Methods for Fermentation Tanks

Mar. 11, 2020

Beer Fermenter's basic standard mechanical equipment mixing fermenter uses the effect of mechanical stirrers to fully mix the gas and fermentation broth and promote the melting of oxygen in the fermentation broth to ensure the supply of microbial strains for the growth and reproduction of co2. Another name is universal fermenter.

The structure is tight, can withstand the continuous sterilization of steam, the inner cavity is smooth, and the anti-corrosion effect is good, which is conducive to complete sterilization and reduce the harm of metal material ions to the strong reaction of microorganisms. High-efficiency heat transfer, quality, and angular momentum transmission; under the premise of maintaining the strong response of microorganisms, reduce the energy consumption of the fermentation tank; excellent heat exchange function to maintain the appropriate temperature of strong response of microorganisms; The market share and instrument panel operation of Tongtong are applicable to the actual operation of sterilization and the operation of automation technology.

Fermentation tank sterilization method

The booster stirring device is mainly used as a fermentation tank. There are three types of booster mixing devices: flat leaves, curved leaves, and arrow symbol leaves. The pressure mixing device has poor radial mixing, and the mixing compressive strength decreases as the distance from the mixing shaft increases. When the culture medium is too thick, the mixing effect is reduced. In order to increase radial mixing, boost and promote centrifugal impellers can be used together. This overall plan adopts a pressurized stirring device in accordance with the overall planning regulations.

Beer Fermenter

Beer Fermenter

The function of the baffle is to prevent vortex formation in the liquid level management center, and improve convective heat transfer of vortex and dissolved oxygen. The height-to-width ratio of the bulkhead is raised from the tank bottom to the overall planning level gauge. When using tube-in-tube cooling, the tube-in-tube cooling can be used instead of the partition. The device partition is not required. In this overall plan, the device partition is not used. When the mixing shaft of the fermenter is long, it is generally divided into two to three segments according to the coupling.

The equipment direction of the first coupling can be set on the upper end of the mechanical seal outside the top of the small fermentation tank, but the large fermentation tank will be placed in the mechanical seal in the tank. The upper shaft is generally made of stainless steel plate. The overall plan is to seal the machine placed in the tank, the material is stainless steel plate, and the shaft is made of 45 carbon steel. The mixing shaft of the fermentation tank is an ultra-short shaft. The bottom rolling bearing and the middle rolling bearing of the equipment are often used to prevent the shaft from shaking. Small and medium fermentation tanks are operated by support rods, and large and medium fermentation tanks are more fixed.

Fermentation tank sterilization method

The sterilization method generally used in fermentors is cold and wet sterilization. In the operation of sterilization temperature, the traditional steam traps are usually replaced by drain diaphragm valves in the pipelines of fermenters of excellent fermentation equipment.

In the overall planning of the sterilization program flow, the interval between the time of steaming and the time of draining should be consistent. When the drain diaphragm valve is opened, the working pressure of the storage tank will not change, and the condensate is effectively drained. Cold spots show. In the sterilization temperature operation, the temperature relaxation cycle time in the temperature rise graph should be considered.

The above is the sterilization method suitable for fermentation tank introduced by Beer Fermenter Factory.

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