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All You Want To Know About Winery Farm Intelligent Management System 2

Jun. 03, 2019

3. Product Features

The existing storage management of liquor enterprises mainly relies on the field inspection tank area magnetic turnover liquid level records, manual completion of weekly reports, monthly reports, annual reports, time-consuming. According to the task of single-hand operation of Pump start-up and shut-down, observing the accumulation of flow meter to complete the blending function of tank area, the traditional operation mode has many disadvantages, it can not immediately reflect the state of tank storage capacity, the state of tank volume change and the history of Transportation And there is a big error in the statistics of human participation. The intelligent management system for wine storage tanks group is to install a pressure transmitter in each tank under the condition that the original production conditions of wine enterprises remain unchanged. The original pump is equipped with a flow meter, which can be upgraded by matching the control software of the intelligent management system for Wine Storage Tanks Group Low Investment, high return, solve a series of human factors lead to the inventory management of wine can cumbersome and data uncertainty, better customer service use.

The focus of the development of the intelligent management system of the wine tank farm is based on the current production conditions of the liquor industry, following the existing production order of the enterprise, using the intelligent data processing and control technology, real-time monitoring of the liquid level of each tank, dynamic calculation of tank capacity, recording of delivery status, delivery volume, and providing various chain protection of pumps, according to user needs, automatically generate various real-time reports for financial and storage management, improve management level, provide detailed historical data query, can be used to analyze the production management of run, run, drop, leak management blind spots, cost savings, increase efficiency.

The intelligent management system of the wine tank farm, with the development concept, meets the customer's needs, integrates the intelligent control technology, reduces the user's investment, solves the production tedious trouble which brings to the customer because of the capital Bottleneck, greatly improves the working environment, improve work efficiency, give a person a kind of operation is convenient, image intuitionist feeling. The intelligent management system of wine tank farm adopts hierarchical intelligent operation, the control machine operates and controls on the spot, and the data storage and report processing can be carried out in the control duty room. The controller is operated by touch screen, and the signal is output to the control duty room. Optical Fiber (far distance) or net wire (near distance) are considered for signal transmission, which has strong anti-interference ability. Control Duty Room, mainly responsible for on-site data storage and report generation, to meet user requirements. The design idea of the intelligent management system for the tank group of wine depots is to adopt the pressure transmitter to collect the data of the liquid level of the tank, and through the data processing to monitor and display real-time on the upper computer and the touch screen of the field control cabinet. The liquid transportation can be accumulated by the flow meter in the pump output stage, and all the data concerned by users are analyzed and stored in the data processing center, which is convenient for users to generate reports. As a big branch of tank farm operation management, the intelligent management system of the tank farm can be integrated into the automatic blending management system developed by our company according to the needs of customers It is also an extension of the function of the intelligent management system of the wine tank farm, and a bright spot in the development of the intelligent management system of the wine tank farm.


l Data measurement, accurate measurement: The data collection adopts the intelligent chip collection, such as the tank area liquid level collection uses the pressure transmitter to collect and transmit the liquid level signal, the precision can reach 0.05% ;

l intelligent data processing: The data collected for automatic storage, automatic calculation, classified processing, so that the data processing clear, visual and intuitive;

l Automatic Report Generation; Site Team Selection, Operation Time Selection, source tank and target tank selection confirmation, liquid transfer volume and other data, according to User's request according to the task according to Time report generation for user's use.

l the user-friendly Field Operation Interface: Field Operation Using touch screen operation, step-by-step confirmation select operation mode, each confirmation of an operation level, there will be the next level selection confirmation column, and confirmation data will be centrally displayed on the side Finally remind whether to open the pump, this can prevent the operator carelessly choose, avoid the damage to the equipment;

l Friendly Field Tank area display interface: touch screen real-time display tank level data, visual, at a glance; field data through the data processing center feedback, users can directly read each existing tank and the remaining volume, it is convenient for the operator to select the operation of the tank

l Human Error Tolerance Ability: When the operator of the tube plate and pump connection error, touch screen confirmed the opening of the pump, the system automatically according to the data collected by the data processing center for analysis and processing, consider that the current operation and the actual tube plate connection is not consistent, will give an alarm for the operator to choose to deal with;

l the multi-choice Pump Start and stop, can satisfy the customer to carry on the quantitative transmission, the timing transmission, the manual intervention transmission, realizes the automation control request;

l Intelligent operational data judgment: When Tank A is transported to Tank B, if a quantitative transport is chosen, the data processing center will determine the amount of storage that can be stored in tank a and the amount that can be stored in Tank B If the quantity exceeds this range, the operator will be reminded whether to modify the quantity.

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