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Intelligent wireless tank farm management system

Jun. 18, 2019

The system uses the most advanced wireless guided wave radar to measure the liquid level, which is not affected by the density change of liquor and the volatilization of alcohol. The resolution is up to 1mm. The output data is advanced and wireless communication technology, which is stable and accurate. The system has no moving parts, does not require any maintenance, the operation interface is simple and easy to understand, the software application functions are rich, the data exchange is unobstructed, and the measurement and safety alarm function of the stored wine with high reliability and high stability can be realized.


System architecture

The first layer: on-site wireless device guided radar, responsible for the measurement of field data.

The second layer: the wireless gateway, is responsible for collecting data collected by the on-site wireless devices and transmitting them to various data demand units such as PLC and computers.

The third layer: the upper computer, responsible for processing and displaying the data transmitted by the wireless gateway, and managing and controlling according to the on-site production management requirements, such as dynamic data display, report generation, historical data query, high and low liquid level alarm, and drinking management , blending filling control and so on.


System advantages

1. Higher precision and better stability than the traditional 4-20mA analog technology.

2. Significantly improve the overall technical level and reduce the overall investment cost by 3%-8%

3. Significantly reduce on-site equipment installation time, commissioning cycle, and quickly put into operation.

4. Significantly reduce the parts that are prone to failures such as connecting cables, wiring ports, etc., greatly improving the reliability of system operation and greatly reducing the cost of routine maintenance and repair.

5. Greatly facilitate the transformation and expansion of future production equipment.


                                                                                                 Intelligent wireless tank farm management system

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