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How Does The Brewing Equipment Determine The Amount Of Wine Produced?

Dec. 11, 2019

Although the winemaking equipment determines the output of the entire winemaking process, because the quality of the equipment is directly related to the entire winemaking process, including whether it is easy to operate and temperature control, and even the output rate, the traditional winemaking equipment, It is easy to mash the pot, and the entire brewing process cannot be well sealed. This may easily lead to a low yield of brewed wine and a low degree of wine. So how does the brewing equipment determine the production of wine? Red Wine Tank Manufacturer will come and tell everyone.

Pre-fermentation preparation:

1. Choice of food

All those containing starch and powdered sugar can be brewed. Fermentation is also the key to selecting grains. Grains: Sorghum, corn, wheat, rice, glutinous rice, rice, etc. can be brewed. Rice and glutinous rice have a very high starch content. High, the choice of grain must be free of insects, mildew, infection, impurities and so on. At the same time, it is better to choose grain full of grains to make wine.

2. Yams

Sweet potatoes, cassava, potatoes, etc. can be brewed, but the yield of potatoes is very low. For example, 3 pounds of sweet potatoes is equivalent to 1 pound of rice. If local sweet potatoes cost a few yuan, it is recommended not to use sweet potatoes to make wine. The cost is too high. Long-sprout, non-rotten potatoes are better for winemaking, and can be cooked or slurried to ferment.


There are hundreds of kinds of wine kojis. The taste of the wine produced by each koji will be different. Traditional kojis must be cooked before they can be fermented, and the yield is very low, because the enzyme activity is low, and the new craft kojis can produce raw kojis. Cooked dual-use, can be 20% higher than the traditional wine yield, because the new technology of koji enzyme has strong activity and high conversion, so it can be used for both raw and cooked.

Open Top Fermenter

Open Top Fermenter

4. Hygiene

Fermenter Tank For Winemaking and other containers need to be sterilized before use. If the sanitary is not clean, bacterial infection may lead to rancidity of the wine. At the same time, the fermentation room should be kept ventilated. Especially in winter, the fermentation temperature is too low to be easily fermented. Friends will feel that the weather is too cold, the tighter the tighter the better, the carbon dioxide will not be emitted, and the wine will be rancid.

Because the current winemaking process is also very good, and from the aspect of production and the entire production process, such as small-scale liquor production equipment, including the fermentation process of raw materials, the quality of the fermentation is also related to the output and taste of the wine The better the taste is, the more output there is, the higher the price of the wine sold, so the choice of winemaking equipment also determines the entire winemaking process, including the taste and yield, and the degree of brewed wine. It is also closely related.

The above is how the brewing equipment introduced by Open Top Fermenter Supplier determines the amount of wine produced. Hope to help everyone.

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