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The Process of Brewing Sweet Beer in Beer Equipment

Feb. 26, 2020

Sweet wine made by beer equipment, the characteristics of food and color are close to the basis of wine contrast, the clarity is better than wheat essence and kvass, and it has the characteristics of low concentration value, sweet taste, light color, low bitterness, low alcohol concentration, etc. very suitable for women, and those who are not used to the bitterness of wine and alcohol. So how is sweet beer made? The following Beer Fermenter Factory will take you to understand.

Open Top Fermenter

Open Top Fermenter

First, the preparation of maltose and rice malt seeds, the maltose should be broken as far as possible to ensure that the wheat husks are not broken, and there is no large powder in the skin. After the crushing, 20% of the wheat sieve should occupy 20%, and the coarse flour 40 # should be about 50%. Around 15% of the medium 80 # sieve accounts for 15%, and 10% of the ultrafine powder 80 # sieve takes up. The more broken the rice wheat seeds, the better, and the ultrafine powder should account for about 40%.

Second, preparation. 100% maltose, 500% water, 100ml per 100KG of lactic acid bacteria, 0.2% hops, 20% granulated sugar.

Third, the saccharification method (100% maltose). Add maltose 5 times the amount of water, add lactic acid bacteria (or sulfuric acid) to adjust the pH to 5.5-5.6, increase the temperature to 50°C for 90 minutes, then increase the temperature to 65°C for 40 minutes, and then increase the temperature to 78°C for 20 minutes. , After the saccharification is over, the finished product is overwashed by hand, the leachate is combined, and the pure grain wine is added, and the concentration value after putting sugar is preferably 8% (hammer degree, BX). The washing water is 75-80°C, and the amount used is 4 times the weight of the material. The beer malt is added with a hop extraction solution (0.02-0.05% of the total yield of the mixed juice) (using 80-90°boiling water extraction method). The beer malt was then boiled for 90 minutes.

Fourth, fermentation. The boiled maltose juice is sent to precipitation place, refrigerated to 50-60°C, and settled for 1 to 1.5 hours. After the response, the maltose juice was cooled to about 10°C. Put the cold malt juice into the yeast plus tank, add 0.5% yeast or yeast puree, and then transfer to Beer Fermenter. Enter the sterile test gas for 10 minutes to breed the yeast. Under the standard, the first hair is 98 hours old. After the alcohol has been sent out, the fermentation broth can be operated with a single-injection cotton cake filter device twice for the filter press (with an operating pressure of 0.8-1.0KG / cm 2), until the wine is fully transparent. After consideration, the wine is cooled to 2-4°C (using refrigeration equipment, which can of course be cooled in winter in northern regions), and the carbon dioxide mixer is used to mix the wine with carbon dioxide at a working pressure of 4.0-4.5KG / cm2. After mixing, they can be packed, capped, sterilized, inspected, and labelled, and then transported. During sterilization, the temperature does not need to be high or low, it can be sterilized in 65-75 ℃ boiling water for 15-20 minutes.

The above is the method introduced by Open Top Fermenter Supplier to use beer equipment to transform sweet beer. Have you learned it?

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