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Tips For Maintaining Winemaking Equipment

Dec. 04, 2019

The brewing equipment can produce mellow wine. The longer the fermentation is, the longer the fragrance becomes, but many times we ignore the maintenance of the brewing equipment, especially in the cold winter, the equipment is easy to dry, so everyone should pay attention to the winemaking Equipment maintenance, the following Red Wine Tank Manufacturer share a few tips for maintaining winemaking equipment.

1. Clean the dust and oil on the rotating parts of the brewing equipment and fill it with grease.

2. Drain all the cooling liquid, and run the equipment for two minutes after the cooling is completed. The remaining cooling liquid in the dryer body.

3. Shut down the power line equipment with power cord, and remove the power cord. At the same time, remove the power cord and make a mark. Put it in a safe place and keep it in storage.

In order to do a good job of maintenance of production equipment, it is actually a preventive maintenance. The brewing equipment is the key machine for brewing fine wine. For most people, extending the service life of the machine is definitely better than renewing it, and renewing it will increase the production cost, so everyone still take good care of your own brewing equipment.

The brewing equipment is a very powerful device. This equipment is mainly used for brewing beer, and different types of beer, different beer ingredients, different beer flavors and different types of beer equipment are brewing. The brewing equipment is not only in the factory. It exists, and brewing equipment is often seen in different restaurants or bars. As long as you want to drink beer, you only need to open the valve below the brewing equipment to receive beer directly. It is really very powerful.

Fermenter Tank For Winemaking

Fermenter Tank For Winemaking

High temperature fermentation is conducive to the formation of esters. When the Fermenter Tank For Winemaking temperature was from 12.5°C to 25°C, the ethyl acetate concentration increased by 60% and isoamyl acetate increased by 30%. The temperature of the upper fermentation is higher than the temperature of the lower fermentation. Although the inoculation amount is lower than that of the lower fermentation, the ester content is higher than that of the lower fermentation. Pressurized closed fermentation can increase the content of saturated carbon dioxide in the liquor and increase the active yeast, which is conducive to the production of esters.

In addition, everyone should pay attention to maintenance after using the brewing equipment, mainly including:

1. Maintenance after shift operation: After each shift operation is completed, the remaining materials on the brewing equipment should be removed to prevent the equipment from rusting, and then the hood is opened to remove the weeds entangled on each part.

2. Maintenance after one week of use: Since the brewing equipment is used for one week, grease the universal joints and bearings, and check and supplement other lubrication points. Check the wear of the equipment belt. If the wear is severe, replace it in time.

3. Maintenance after quarterly operation: After all quarterly operations are completed, not only must the winemaking equipment be cleaned up, but the triangle belt must also be relaxed. After checking and replacing the bearings of each running part, add more butter.

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