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What Are the Main Parts of the Brewing Process?

Mar. 18, 2020

The beer production process is mainly divided into four parts: wheat production, saccharification, fermentation and canning. The following Open Top Fermenter Supplier will give you a detailed introduction.

With the cooperation of computer and test equipment, with the help of the monitoring configuration software platform, different control schemes can be selected according to various needs, in order to achieve precise adjustment of parameters such as temperature and pressure during the production process, and to ensure the requirements of the production process.

Malt is made from barley. Barley is a hard grain that grows much faster than other grains. Barley is selected as the main ingredient for brewing because it produces malt faster than wheat, rye, and oats. Wheat without husks is difficult to germinate and is not suitable for winemaking. Barley must be converted into soluble sugars used in the brewing process through the malt process. In addition to ordinary malt, crystalline malt or roasted malt can also be used as an ingredient in various brewing. Crystal malt is a steamed malt that is slowly boiled and dried to produce a dark coffee-like flavor. Roasted malt can be dried and roasted in a hot tumbler to burn or darken the beer. The quality of malt varies greatly depending on the country of origin.

Hops are plants belonging to the family Nettle or Cannabis. The wine peanut has a cone structure, which injects the bitterness and sweetness of beer, makes the beer more refreshing and delicious, and helps digestion. Hop type: Conifers: Conifers are collected in early autumn and must be dried quickly before being put into barrels and sold to winemakers. Pellets: The crushed cone is broken into special molds and placed in a tray. The tray is placed in a vacuum or nitrogen-filled environment to reduce the possibility of oxidation. The granular form is suitable for addition to a container. Extraction: Hop cone extracts are now widely used in all beer varieties, and tastes vary depending on the extraction method. The extraction solution should be added at the end of the process, which further helps control the final bitterness. Special extracts can be used to build light reactions to produce beer in transparent containers. Different brands use different high-quality hops.

Yeast is a microorganism of fungi. Yeast is the magician in the beer brewing process, fermenting malt and rice sugar into beer in Fermenter Tank For Winemaking to produce alcohol, carbon dioxide and other micro-fermented products. This trace but diverse fermentation product, as well as other flavors extracted directly from malt and hops, constitute the attractive and unique sensory properties of the finished beer. There are two main types of beer yeast: "top yeast" and "bottom yeast". Under the microscope, the upper yeast is slightly more elliptical than the lower yeast. The name "top yeast" comes from the fact that during fermentation, the yeast rises to the surface of the beer and the top pops out. After the fermentation is complete, there is always a "bottom yeast" in the beer, which finally settles to the bottom of the fermentation barrel. Refined sugar: Refined sugar is an important additive in some beers.

Brewery Equipment

Brewery Equipment

Water: More than 90% of a bottle of beer is water. Water plays a very important role in the beer brewing process. In addition to cleaning the water required for beer brewing, the mineral salts contained in the water must be removed (some manufacturers claim that beer is extracted with mineral water for commercial purposes). The site selection of the former brewery is tricky and must be done where there is clean water. With the development of science and technology and the maturation of water filtration and treatment technology, the requirements for the site selection of modern breweries have been greatly reduced, and it is entirely possible to filter and treat tap water and groundwater to reach pure water levels. Used to make beer.

It is important to point out that due to environmental considerations, more and more socially responsible High Efficiency Boiling Brewery Equipment manufacturers have begun using relatively cheap groundwater and relatively expensive tap water to brew beer.

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