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What Kind Of Winemaking Equipment Is Right For You?

Jan. 15, 2020

With the continuous improvement of living standards and the advancement of science and technology, wine products have very large shopping malls in China, and winemaking equipment is essential. And the brewing equipment is constantly updated.

The profile of the brewing equipment is good or bad, which directly affects the quality of the wine. Different wines and brewing equipment are different. Starting from the raw materials, it is difficult to popularize. Food grade stainless steel is a better raw material for brewing equipment, has strong corrosion resistance, long service life, easy transfer, saves fuel, and has a high rate of wine production. No harm to the body. Then choose the jars used to hold the wine, preferably ceramic, generally 300 jins are more suitable.

The brewing equipment also needs maintenance during normal use. For the liquor brewing equipment, because it has been developed for thousands of years, after several generations of development and reform, the raw materials of the brewing equipment have also been changed. For example, wooden brewing equipment and brick-mix brewing equipment are traditional brewing equipment, which may cause steam leakage, large floor area, and low output rate during the operation process, or the poor sealing of Wine Fermentation Equipment. So it has been eliminated by the mall.

Wine Fermentation Equipment

Wine Fermentation Equipment

So which kind of brewing equipment is better to use? Below Beer Fermenter Factory can tell everyone.

Aluminum brewing equipment accounts for a large proportion in shopping malls, mainly because of the low density of aluminum, and aluminum brewing equipment is generally light and easy to transfer. In addition, aluminum has a good heat conduction function, high thermal efficiency, fuel saving, and the speed of wine production is high. The disadvantages are that aluminum welding leaves a more significant bead, so aluminum winemaking equipment generally looks slightly rough, and because the gloss of aluminum is not high, the beauty of the entire aluminum winemaking equipment decreases .

Another important place in the brewing equipment store is stainless steel brewing equipment. Stainless steel brewing equipment has high gloss, hard and wear-resistant, and has almost no bead after polishing. It is beautiful and beautiful, so it is popular among consumers. However, the defects of stainless steel brewing equipment are as follows: stainless steel has extremely poor thermal conductivity, which is significantly worse than aluminum, so the wine production rate is low, and fuel is consumed. Secondly, the cost of stainless steel is high, and the price of general stainless steel winemaking equipment is higher than that of the same type of aluminum winemaking equipment.

The above is the information about the brewing equipment shared by the Soybean Sauce Fermenting Tank supplier. Hope to help everyone.

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