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Novice Should Learn Winemaking First Or Buy Winemaking Equipment First?

Jan. 03, 2020

Novices learn brewing first and still buy brewing equipment first. Today Beer Fermenter Factory will give you some beer enthusiasts' scientific knowledge about crafting. Craft beer is an emerging product. It has not been more than ten years since it was launched in China. It is worth rejoicing that as people’s consumption knowledge and consumption levels improve, more people start to pay attention to participating in craft beer. Whether it's a shop or a hobby. The quality and taste of craft beer has always been a criterion for judging whether a wine is good or not. The quality of craft beer depends primarily on equipment, ingredients and brewing skills. Therefore, the selection of craft beer equipment is a necessary condition for brewing high-quality beer.

So, should you learn the wine making knowledge before considering buying wine making equipment? In fact, if you choose a regular manufacturer, you will not only install beer equipment at your door for free, but also equip professional brewing technical staff with one-on-one coaching craft beer manufacturing skills, so that you can experience the home-made craft beer together, and also help you to open a shop Follow-up services such as tips. Based on this, how does a novice choose a brewing equipment?

1. First, look at the strength of the manufacturer

If you don't understand the brewing skills, then find a professional beer equipment manufacturer with good service. Not only can you get technical guidance from manufacturers, but also support policies for subsequent operations. Assuming you know how to make wine and equipment, then find a reliable company that can satisfy your personalized needs.

Wine Fermentation Equipment

Wine Fermentation Equipment

2. Secondly, look at the equipment materials

When choosing equipment, keep in mind not to be lured by the low price, but the higher the price, the better the quality. The first choice of equipment purchase depends on the completeness of materials, workmanship and functions. The brewing equipment generally includes a pulverizer, a saccharification pot, a filter tank, a boiling pot, a spin-down tank, a thin plate cooler, an oxygenation device, an increase in yeast, and a pump, pipeline, valve and other equipment. The primary material for beer equipment is stainless steel. Currently, the stainless steel materials on the market are mainly 304 and 316L, and some also use 201. But even the same specifications of stainless steel, because of different brands, the quality will be different. In terms of thickness, materials of 304 or above are the best. Whether the equipment is valve fittings of 304 or above and the price difference of 201 is obvious.

3. Again, look at the welding process and insulation

At present, most manufacturers will use laser double-sided welding together, and another is artificial argon arc single-sided welding, which can save half of the labor, and the secondary welding method will make the weld seam rough and affect the beauty. Fermenter Tank For Winemaking generally has a minimum insulation thickness of 80MM, so as to ensure that the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the tank is 3 times. And different insulation materials may affect the heat preservation time of the tank, which will have a certain impact on the quality of the wine body and the power consumption in the tank. So don't make a big loss for being small and cheap.

The above are the issues that novice brewers introduced by Wine Fermentation Equipment supplier should pay attention to, and hope to help everyone.

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