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All You Want To Know About Winery Farm Intelligent Management System 1

May. 31, 2019

1. Product application

With the same original winery tank farm, each tank can be upgraded with a pressure transmitter, the original pump can be equipped with a flow meter, and the intelligent management system of the wine tank farm can be matched to solve a series of human factors lead to wine storage tank inventory management and data uncertainty, better service for customer use.

The intelligent management system of the wine tank farm, the equipment operation control cabinet and the data processing center and the control room produce the report form separation, achieves the spot operation independence, the control duty room data storage center and produces the report form independence, it is a low-cost and high-performance control system, which breaks the previous idea of full-automation design and provides a high cost-effective intelligent management system for the customers.

The intelligent management system of wine storage tank farm is developed separately from the automatic operation part and the data management part. The system focuses on data collection, analysis and storage to realize the function of automatic management of wine storage tank.

2. Technical Features

The automatic control system is based on PLC control, combined with the configuration software of master control technology, to realize distributed control, and finally to reach the automatic level of the normal operation of the scene with no or few people on duty.

The system has PLC and industrial control computer to form a four-level distributed control system, collecting field liquid level, temperature, flow rate, state parameters and so on, and transferring to PLC logic interlocking control. By the control computer issued operating instructions to control the field of pumps, valves, and measurement of transmission, transmission process control and early warning. The functions of the four-tier system follows:

u  Field Stage

It is composed of Field Plc I / O interface module and Driving Logic unit, collecting the information of flow meter, liquid level transmitter, Electric Butterfly Valve and pump motor The control module and the driving unit are connected with the control information such as the closing and starting of the Electric Butterfly Valve, the starting and stopping of the pump motor, the resetting of the transmitter on the spot, etc. . Through the communication module, the field bus is connected with the main control system, and the field level mainly completes the data acquisition and the output control of the equipment.

u  PLC logic interlock control level

PLC S-300 series P315, PLC is the core of control, the realization of Control Algorithm, data two-way communication and bus diagnosis are all realized by Plc.. It can communicate with each I / O Module and Upper Industrial Control Computer Station through D / P Port and Profibus bus connection, and communicate with MPI port and real-time database server.

u  Upper Operation Control and Computer Supervisory Control Level

The operation and monitoring level includes Field Operation Station and configuration control station, which is the platform for data monitoring and equipment operation of control system and control subsystem. These stations can be connected to the Ethernet Profibus network through the special communication equipment, and the data can be communicated on the Profibus network and the Ethernet through the Ethernet card.

Through this configuration interface can operate all electric valves, solenoid valves, liquor pump, real-time display electric valves, liquor pump operation status, real-time display liquor tank level, margin, variety code, the real-time flow rate of the flow meter, the accumulated flow rate of the same day, the accumulated flow rate of the variety and the accumulated flow rate of the history, as well as the dynamic flow of the pipeline liquid according to the opening of the wine pump and the valve. Through the variables mentioned above, the detailed information and the current state of each wine can be clearly understood on the global monitoring interface, and the transportation state of wine can be intuitively mastered through the dynamic flow chart.

The picture has the design to have the alarm prompt function. When new alarm information appears in the system, a warning icon will appear on the screen, reminding the operator to check the alarm information and do related operations. At the same time with the operation, monitoring the scene of alarm equipment, sound, light alarm prompt.

u  real-time Database Management Level

The database management level is mainly composed of the database server of the control system. The server is connected to Ethernet, and the data of control level is transmitted to MES management level by bus protocol, Operation Station and Field PLC.

All You Want To Know About Winery Farm Intelligent Management System 1

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