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48 pcs storage tank farm at New Zealand

Jun. 15, 2019

This brand new project located main wine regions of the south island,Marlbourough,Newzeland. 

Whole system include 16 pcs 97 KL, 16 pcs 60kL and 16 pcs 30 KL white wine fermentation tanks with cooling system.

We designed each tank's structure, size According to Newzealand container standard, customer needs and the area's geological conditions. 

All the effort we did let each tanks and platforms withstand the area's earthquake. Finally,this project registered in local government smoothly.

Key Features

Shockproof: Bias bottom, multiple fixed bolts around skirt connect to platform. Accoding to the system set thin of tank's wall. Filling skirt with concrete.

All the designs meet level 8 shockproof standard.

48 pcs storage tank farm at New Zealand

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